Two “Irrevocables” That Can Make You Happier (and a Less Crazy Mom)

There are a lot of different microscopic and gargantuan decisions that have led me to this point in my life.  And you may be thinking, “What do I care about how YOU got to where You are?”  After all, I’m just the average mom, loving my husband, raising my kids and balancing work with family, like so many others.


But here’s the thing:  I’m living the life I want to live.  It doesn’t feel imposed on me.  I don’t feel bound up by the momentum of modern expectations.

How ’bout you?

Because all that stuff the average American psyche wrestles with…

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At the Bottom of My Womb

Our Periods. Our Paradox. Our Power.

Our PeriodsOur ParadoxOur Power-2

At the bottom of my womb 

there is waste and confusion;

fertile ground past its time,

where sanity meets delusion.

At the bottom of my womb

there is every hope lost;

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Need a Boost or a Chill Pill, Mom? Let Me Tell You About the Supplement that ROCKED MY WORLD!

Ask my friends and anyone who has ever worked with me after the age of 22.  Whether it’s wheatgrass or spirulina or green barley or kale, they’ve caught me red-handed with a very GREEN drink on more than one occasion.  In the morning and even before turning in at night, I look to alkalize my body with these green drinks (usually high quality powdered because I don’t always take the time to make fresh green juices.  I also like to gulp down down water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar for the same alkalizing effect) and provide my body with an influx of nutrients.


And I’m also blessed to have a mom who has always been on the avant-garde of good health (She was taking alfalfa and flaxseed oil way before guarding our health with proper whole food supplementation became fashionable).  So this stuff is pretty commonplace in our household and it’s difficult to wow me with the latest health trends.

But I didn’t REALLY commit to supplementation until my anxiety started to get the better of me. When life in my head and body got so scary that I had to take action, I started researching natural remedies to still my nerves and clear my brain.  And it was during that time that I discovered magnesium!  And it has become my secret weapon!

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My NEW TRAINING VIDEO is Finally Available!

Release Your God-Given Potential: How to Avoid the BIGGEST PERSONAL MISTAKE Christian Mothers Make

I am SO EXCITED about this new training video because it is the clearest, most complete expression of my heart’s cry – I’m totally on fire about motivating moms to move mountains by living extraordinary lives of peace, joy and impact!  And this video is the first step in a journey to create what I call “Kingdom Balance” in your life.  Kingdom balance is what allows us moms to powerfully move forward personally while we unwaveringly protect our families and honor God.  I’ve posted a sneak peek of the video, but if you’d like to see the complete training video (and receive an additional free worksheet to help you take action), click here.

So what do you think?  Are you a mother who wants to ENTER HER DESTINY?  Go ahead and leave me a comment below.  And don’t forget to SHARE THE KINGDOM BALANCE by clicking the social media icons above and below this post!  Thank you muchly, and lots of motherly love to you! 



I think Danny Silk puts it best.  He says that, even though our mouths are right under our noses, we’re always the last ones to know that our breath stinks!  That one never fails to get a laugh, but it’s no joke.  It can be so difficult to perceive what is right under our noses, especially when it has to do with us personally.  And we are virtually blind to many aspects of our personality that could be blocking our joy, motivation, progress and sense of purpose, never mind the havoc these unconscious tendencies wreak on our relationships.  Staying in the dark about our blind spots instead of committing to keeping our eyes wide open to greater self-awareness is a dangerous gamble.

Compliments of / Photographer: Sean Brown

Compliments of / Photographer: Sean Brown

And although we’ll probably never fully uncover absolutely every single self-destructive or interpersonally challenging habit, we can be open to the process.  And a good way to start is by having a

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“The tongue has the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21 NIV).”  What wakes us up more to this truth than becoming a mother and seeing the immediate impact of our words in the eyes of our children?  There’s the joy of when those eyes light up with new hope and we know we have helped their precious lives to expand and thrive.  And there’s the gutting realization that we can’t take back what we’ve said when those eyes well up with sadness and disappointment.

Compliments of / Photographer Roksolana Zasiadko

Compliments of / Photographer Roksolana Zasiadko

We know that, in general, how we speak affects how we view ourselves and others.   John R. Schaffer, Ph.D, who served as a behavioral analyst for the FBI, writes: “Words create filters through which people view the world around them.”

This being the case, it stands to reason that, as we raise our children, deliberate awareness of the language we use as we relate to them is critical.  Because we aren’t only reinforcing a framework for

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I don’t know if you’ve experienced that moment.  That space in time during motherhood when you’re no longer sure of who you are or where you’re headed.  I sure did.  I’ve mentioned before that, for me, it was after the birth of our second daughter.  That moment is still so clear to me.  I can remember the details of the light that colored the room as I looked at my own mother and finally verbalized the chaos I was feeling inside: “I don’t know who I am anymore.”


There’s a mysterious thing that happens to us moms.   So many beautiful instincts we never knew we had are activated.  We know when our baby needs us in the night before she makes a sound. We can tell the difference between a normal cry of “I’m hungry” or “I’m tired” and one that means “let’s take a trip to the doctor to check out what’s going on here.”  We know when he’s not telling us everything about why he hates second grade.  And we recognize that giggle that says, “You got what I needed just right.”    

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There’s no doubt in my mind that raising my two girls is the most important thing I will ever do.  For this reason, my husband and I have always chosen to have less so that we could both be with our children more.  I’ve worked, in one way or another, ever since the kids were tiny, but only part-time.  And it was just a job to bring in some extra cash and add some adult stimulation to my life.  But there came a time, after the birth of our second daughter, when I felt like I had hit a wall.


Being a mom was and is everything to me.  But I started to sense that it wasn’t all of me.  And just taking on another job or finding a hobby was no longer the answer.  This was bigger than that. And while I would never compromise the well-being of my family, it started to become clear:  “I know there’s something MORE in me.”

The funny thing was, I wasn’t the only one who thought so.  

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Showing our children how to forgive


I was just talking to my best friend this weekend.  We don’t get to catch up very often these days, but when we do, I always leave our conversations feeling like I’ve learned something.  This has been true ever since middle school when we first met. And this last phone call wasn’t any different.  I came out of our conversation thinking that, as mothers, we all need social support.  A lot of it.  But sometimes – and I don’t know if it’s out of naïveté or an offensive lack of insight – it’s talking to other moms that deflates us more than anything else.


Compliments of London Scout

When it works, we moms can offer each other life-giving encouragement that eases the weight on our shoulders and causes the light in us to burn brightly.  That’s how I feel when I reach out to my besties.  When it doesn’t work, we blow out each other’s flames.  And if further battering an already weathered

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